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Mengurutkan Interface pada Virtualisasi Router Mikrotik di Qemu

Pastinya kita semua pernah mengalami pada saat sedang konsennya konfig mikrotik dan telah selesai dan yakin 100% konfig kita benar, lalu saat kita coba ping . . . . . gagal. destination host unreachable. Mungkin salah satu penyebabnya adalah interface

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Accessing Amazon Web Service MySQL Database using phpMyAdmin

Amazon Web Service currently offers one-year-free trial of their services and I am experimenting with their database service. I set up a MySQL server database. However, after the service was ready, I found out that, AWS doesn”t provide GUI to

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QAM Modulation Technique: Concept, Challenges and Solutions

The new 802.11ac standard from IEEE, is currently penetrating wireless network markets with its new features and technology. Watson (2013), Public Marketing of Meru Networks, claims the 802.11ac standard will be able to provide a maximum client data rate per

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My First Stargazing Report

Well, actually I stargazed before, but I didn”t do that to really observe stars and constellations. This time was my first time stargazing as a beginner in Astronomy (learning Astronomy is part of my new year resolutions). It was Monday

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[Chord] Berjebraw – Forefathers

This song was written by Petra G Michael a.k.a Berjebraw. I got to listen to the song yesterday and decided to write the chord. The first time I heard this sing song. I felt like my soul was shaken. Here

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