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QAM Modulation Technique: Concept, Challenges and Solutions

The new 802.11ac standard from IEEE, is currently penetrating wireless network markets with its new features and technology. Watson (2013), Public Marketing of Meru Networks, claims the 802.11ac standard will be able to provide a maximum client data rate per

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My First Stargazing Report

Well, actually I stargazed before, but I didn”t do that to really observe stars and constellations. This time was my first time stargazing as a beginner in Astronomy (learning Astronomy is part of my new year resolutions). It was Monday

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Pie a Professor

Today, I saw a strange event in my school. Staffs in iSchool Syracuse University were raising money to be donated for United Way. What they did was providing a booth were people can throw pie to iSchool’s professors face. The

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Mountain Biking in Syracuse

Today I went for Mountain Biking trip which is organized by SUOC. I”ve done mountain biking when I was in Indonesia almost every weekend. At first I was wondering where can I have good trails for mountain biking in Syracuse.

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Canyoneering in Bear Swamp Creek

I just got home from my first canyoneering trip in my life. Thanks for Syracuse University Outing Club (SUOC) leaders who took me to this trip, here is the story. At first, we set off from SUOC Equipment room (E-room)

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