Mountain Biking in Syracuse

Today I went for Mountain Biking trip which is organized by SUOC. I’ve done mountain biking when I was in Indonesia almost every weekend. At first I was wondering where can I have good trails for mountain biking in Syracuse. The area is located near Syracuse University south campus. To give you better sense of direction, look at the map below. I don’t have a decent bike for mountain biking and never go for mountain biking with complete equipment but this time was different.

Canyoneering in Bear Swamp Creek

I just got home from my first canyoneering trip in my life. Thanks for Syracuse University Outing Club (SUOC) leaders who took me to this trip, here is the story. At first, we set off from SUOC Equipment room (E-room) at 10 am. There were seven people on this trip. Two leaders (Nate and Maggie) and five members (Nick, Megan, John, Sean and me). We went to Bear Swamp Creek in Cayuga County, New York.

My First US's Family Home Visit

Yesterday, (4th of August 2013) we went on home visit. We were lucky to have Sue as our host family. Sue’s house is quite far from St. John’s University since it is located in Ringwood, New Jersey. We took a bus from New York Port Authority Bus Terminal (PABT) to Ringwood. I really enjoy our trip since along the road I saw beautiful trees. Unfortunately, I don’t know what kind of trees was it.

Enabling New Interface in Ubuntu Server

Tonight, I replaced one of my network interfaces in my computer. I changed the old one, which is Fast Ethernet type, with the new one, which is Gigabit type. I was working in my Ubuntu server 11.04. When I finished replacing the interface. I turned my computer on to see will it work. I found that the new interface didn”t work. When I plugged the cable in, the LED indicator simply didn”t light.

XAMPP for Linux Installation

XAMPP, an abbreviation for X (Linux or Windows or Mac OS X or Solaris), Apache, MySQL, PHP, Perl, is an application composed of a web service (Apache), a database server (MySQL) and a FTP server (ProFTPD) which is intended for development environment. As mentioned above, XAMPP runs both in Windows and UNIX based operating systems. This chance I will explain how to install XAMPP on Linux operating systems. Here are the specifications I use in this tutorial.