Today, I saw a strange event in my school. Staffs in iSchool Syracuse University were raising money to be donated for United Way. What they did was providing a booth were people can throw pie to iSchool’s professors face. The price is $5 for student and $10 for faculty, but if you only have $3, they’ll take it anyway. I was also offered to throw pie on professor face, but I refused it is not because I didn’t have money, but I think that is not appropriate. I believe that in Asian’s culture especially Indonesian, in order to success, student must respect their teacher. Although, even if we (student) are angry to our professor when they gave/asked to much on our assignment or research and gave us a hard exam; all of them are for our own good (I used to be a teacher and also my father is a teacher too). Therefore, we shouldn’t hold any hatred to them. Moreover, throwing a pie in their face to let the hatred out is just not right. In my opinion , that’s like organizing prostitution for charity. Do you think that’s right? Why I compare it with prostitution? because they are the same in term of selling their honor. That’s just what came up in my mind where I saw it. Here are some videos that I took. I would like to hear your opinion as well.